Weekly Wish List

Jacket - Balmain
Cluth - Alexander Wang
Boots - Chloe
Trousers - Topshop


London Fashion Week

I know I'm a bit delayed to report on the looks I loved from London fashion week, but better late than never, right?

Unique RTW Fall 2012
It is safe to say that I want 99% of this collection to be mine...it's a long shot, but hey a girl can dream, can't she? It was all about the silhouette to me in this collection, the sweeping military jackets with strong wool and brave layers, the casual soft velvet jumper with silk sleeves and delicate pocket & the overall effect of each outer wear piece over feminine touches like a simple bra and pencil skirt. I've seen a common thread throughout the runways of New York and London's RTW Fall 2012 collections and that has been the ever so welcomed leather trouser. Whether they've been made to hug the leg or drape loosely they have made their presence known and I encourage it. Oh, and if you didn't know Unique is Topshop's in -house design team...



I am not usually the biggest Jeremy Scott lover, but something about this collection was just too awesome to ignore. Perhaps it was the vibrant colors, Lisa Frank-esque aesthetic and the fact that it looks like it was created by a nerdy yet sophiticated pimple faced tween. Oversized unicorns, Bart Simpson everything and multi colored dresses made of hair...? He caught my attention with this one.

Jeremy Scott RTW Fall 2012


Weekly Wish List

Every week I am going to compile a list of things I want. It's that simple.

1. Blazer - Mac by Boutique
2. Leather trousers - AllSaints
3. Boots - Jeffrey Campbell
4. Shades - Karen Walker


New York Fashion Week

Like many I don't have the luxury of attending fashion week, or should I say, I have yet to be invited. I'm not frothed in clothes sent to me by designers earning for their one of a kind pieces to drape my body, rather my NYFW experience consists of me watching the runway shows online while I snack on potato chips. Every now and then in between my fantasizing about being at the shows and scribbling notes in my journal about the collections, I pick out the crumbs that have fallen into my knits, wipe my salt and grease decorated fingertips on my pants and continue to the explore a world that I am beginning to fall madly in love with. Through the myriad of runway shows I've watched there are a few that have been branded in my memory - distinct pieces and feels and that I have literally watched and the entire time and just been like "holy shit, I love that" or "GASP! fuck. this is so killer!"

Lam displayed just the right amount of fashion forward notions while carrying an extremely inviting warmth that proved this collection was an accurate definition of off the runway wearable. Meaty cable knits set atop light fabrics, leather used as a constant throughout the presentation and skirts and dresses that moved across the floor like a thick fog that rolls through the city swallowing everything it floats over.

Altuzarra RTW Fall 2012
I mean, where do I begin? I love everything about it from the Moroccan textures and prints to the gypsy-esque patterns and embellishments to the mohair tailored toggle jackets. Joseph got his inspiration for this collection from an Italian comic book character Corto Maltese, a man who fancied adventuring to tropical hideaways. I die for the silhouette of the thick pea coats and over the knee boots. Like Lam, Altuzarra's collection carried just the right amount of leather as a cohesive platform for the collection. Jackets with stiff oversized collars dressed in rich brown furs, tailored jackets made from manipulated fabrics...is there anything else to say besides... SWOON? I'm so drunk on this collection.

all images via: Woman's Wear daily.