I have yet to decide on what I am going to be for halloween. I usually have my costume idea prepared months in advance. and none of the ideas I've come up with this year will trump last years. Oh well I still have a few more days to decide. Stay tuned for some new looks from my closet.

xx, nico


daily//Dolce Vita

LOVE! MEOW. I need these to wear with a skinny pair of jeans, some sort of thin and ragged t-shirt and a motorcycle jacket. I wanna eat burgers in them.

Lana Del Ray -Xx

I'm swooning over Lana Del Ray, not only is that top of lip of hers the most flattering grade of plump, but her voice is addicting. It reminds me of some chanteuse who should be playing at a hole in the wall bar, filled with drunk bastards and blanketed with smoke as she sits on a single stool with a solitary bright light illuminating her. She's like an urban 1970's dime piece who has the ability to steal the cover of a vintage Playboy dressed in some knit frock with only her best bits revealed.yum.


daily// Wang

These have all the elements that make it a perfect everyday fall boot. hidden laces - over sized tongue & comfortable heel height.


daily// Fall jewelry selections

I was sifting through my jewelry and decided to pull some signature pieces for fall.

Triangle earrings - vintage (gift from boyfriend)
turquoise earrings - thrifted
poison ring - thrifted
big teal stone - urban
metal piece ring - kokorokoko
white stone - urban

excuse my disappearance...

It seems as if life has had some interesting twists. My mind has been elsewhere, but its time to return. Tomorrow is going to come and time stops for no one.