Daily// Limi Feu Fall 2011

Uniform, gentlemen, vintage army, flow, unisex. Limi Feu has combined the most brilliant aspects of menswear and combined them with the notion of the stylish woman's everyday urban wear & has produced a collection of drapey sheathes, floor length collared button ups and potato sack pea-coats that have been hemmed to a crisp. She has completely erased the pervious meaning of androgyny and replaced it with this collection.



These leather rings by Boe need to be added to my collection. great staple accessories.

daily//Cast of Vices.

I NEED this bag. I can only imagine how it lays and sits when it's filled with stuff. The leather looks like it will morph beautifully with wear....sigh.... I've been thinking about it daily.



The ACNE Timber Bootie is perfect. the subtle metallic-esque grey/white wash paired with a blunt toe and rounded heel give it a chic architectural vibe. and obviously the miniature drawstring is a very complementing accent.

As for the ACNE Talent Chunk Shoe i picture these with a pair of trousers, loose fitting sweater and limited accessories,perhaps a gold watch or a simple pair of earrings.


daily//sokk combos

My sokk collection this year is going to play a huge part in my fall wardrobe.

Shoes: J.C-Cole Haan-Aldo
Socks: boyfriend's sokks, untitled, urban


Around this time last fall...

Two point five years ago I lived alone in an apt that was way too expensive. It was at an intersection decorated with a liquor store, sushi spot & and a college for computer technology. when the sun would go down the lights from the street would flood my apartment and often times I would sit and stare at the street below. On my 22nd birthday of the year in that apartment I watched a prostitute get punched in the head, more than once, I was across the street. I watched in amazement because I had never seen anything like it before.It was real life. She probably owed him money. Im sure she knew what the rules were. I called 911 5 times and no one answered. Maybe she wasn't important enough. Anyway, this weather always reminds me of that apartment. It's something about how the rain mixes with the scent of the concrete, when the weather starts to cool. Or how the fog from the lake gets carried and dusted around the city. hell, maybe it's just the fact that no matter how often shit changes. A part of everything always stays the same.


Collections// Daniel Palillo s/s 2012

Daniel Palillo's s/s 2012 -Never Mind- Where do I start? It's like the characters of AHHH Real Monsters met in the bedroom of some vampiric, angsty, Nirvana worshiping tween, made a weed pipe out of some tinfoil in their moms kitchen and birthed this collection. The energy between the simplicity of the pieces meshes so well with the occult like graphics and satanic undertones. It's everyday wearable halloween costumes. Fucking radical.


Prince's purple rain party.

Last night a few of us ventured to a house party over in Logan Square. Now, I must preface this by saying a good house party in the city is hard to come by and it isn't very often where a rad group of people decide to host one. When we first arrived it seemed mellow and promising,  I mean how can you go wrong with unlimited jungle juice and grape soda? You can't. After weaseling our way up the rickety wooden stairs  to the second story apartment we were greeted by a trendy young girl collecting our single$ for entry and marking our hands with a small X. We finally entered the gathering. Now, I understand that apartments in the city get hot and all that jazz, but this was beyond any sort of describable temperature, not only were the people in attendance dripping sweat and excreting a ripe aromatic smell of alcohol,stale cigarettes and whatever else their pores were allowing to exit, but the walls actually had formed a condensation and began drip. The kitchen was crawling with people trying to make their way to the tub of jungle juice, a calamity of plastic purple cups and hands frenzying toward the bartender for either their first taste or a re-fill. It was a mess. I had to get out of there. So we posted up on the sidewalk and enjoyed the party from outside. For every 20 people that were entering 2 were exiting so I can only imagine how gross it was actually becoming in there. Then, before you know it people are starting to spill out of the party on to the porch, into the back yard & into the alley. People climbing on the parked cars and bouncing on them like they were in a Project Pat music video only meant one thing. COPS. So all the under-agers went scurrying in all directions like mice let out of a dark closet and everyone else was just annoyed. Moral of the story: make RSVP lists for house parties that will be supplying unlimited booze.


Outfits// Some of the last warm days.

Summer is basically over. Felt like wearing an outfit that demonstrated that.

Rants and Writings //Popping the posting cherry.

After months and months of trying to figure out what my big project was going to be and what I was going to dedicate the majority of my time to, I decided to birth a blog. Post college life has proven to be a rocky road full of bullshit speed bumps and pissy pot holes, and although it may sound as if I'm complaining... well maybe I am a bit, but seriously the real world is a bitch sometimes and figuring out which direction I want my life to take isn't always the easiest. So I have created this blog to not only harness my knack for writing & fashion, but as an outlet to display my life as a whole. So, now I welcome you into the life of Nico MIlwaukee. xoxo