I styled this shoot a while back. Just some Cadillac Duke promo. A good and very talented friend of mine, who might I add had THE best Halloween costume this year.KILLED IT AS KRAMER.


Vest - Cadillac Duke personal
Eraser Head sweater - Michka
Jeans - Levi

Brown Lethaer jacket - Thrifted
Jersey - Thrifted


Nico Milwaukee

A sneak peak of the shoot from yesterday. My friend Annalise took the photos. Check out all her shit here. She's reaaal good. www.annalisefreytag.com


Some Shots of Jade before we went out one night this past weekend. check out her tumblr. http://itsjadelauren.tumblr.com/


This is Megan Azada @FORDMODELS.That hair is so good.

Leather Vest - Thrifted
Plaid sheer shirt - American Apparel
Riding pant - American Apparel
shoes - Models own

Leather jacket - Forever 21
Dress - Rodarte for Target
Shoes - Models own

Acsessories - Stylists own


I styled for some FORD Models over the weekend and had a really great time collaborating with Chris Rucker. Check him out:http://christophermichaelphoto.tumblr.com/
This is Jaime Jaeschke @FORDMODELS. She was a doll and a absolute babe. It was fun working with her.

Sheer black long sleeve button up - American Apparel
Skirt - American Apparel
Earrings - Thrifted.

Leather moto jacket - Thrifted
Dress - Dolce & Gabbana

shoes - Models own.

These poloroids are from this past weekend when my friend from back home came to visit me. Now, I've known Jade since she had Coloroxed razored wounded, chin length hair & wore fingerless gloves while driving around in her Focus blaring Marylin Manson. Her coming to visit me is what I needed. The reminder of how awesome my hometown friends are was dope. I miss them alot.

It's where all the good ones came from.