Days I work from home...

are spent meandering through emails and video shoot schedules, event PR and countless other actitivites that fit into a rapper's lifestyle recipe. So, let's say that constitutes for 70% of my day. then you could say I spend 10% answering to my dog's every wish, walks, treat distribution, joke telling and snuggling. and without a doubt the last 20% is spent indulging in herbal refreshments and scouting for snacks. Now, this is not to say that I do not get distracted, regularly.But for the most part my days working from home are some of the most productive and interesting days I have. I listen to jazz and eat hot pockets and read about how Chief Keef thinks his $300,000 feels similar to Kobe's $200 million.
On a side note: the weather in Chicago has been awesome... well the past two days were awesome, today it's chilly, but it's fine because it is November after all. I usually just wear whatever for the winter, keep it senseable and comfortable. But this winter I'm going to go the uniform route, It'll be the solid colors of any good knit collection; black, white, grey, beige - fitted sweats - leather boot - knit beanie (beanie collections are key, they've got to be the right thickness and height.I also suggest getting a myriad of colors, designs & styles)Now that I am tinking about it I need a new bag, one that is loyal and can withstand alittle bit of weathering activity.The bag I had been using for the past 4 years (it was brown leather native american/Dr, Quinn medicine woman type satchal) broke at a Show You Suck performance at House of Blues. The leather on the strap was worn so thin it literally just snapped apart...so RIP to that bag.

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