f a r t w o r k s

So, I got scanner happy. But what else was I suppose to do? I had all these dope pieces that had been shoved in folders or had been organized in different random boxes, so I pulled out some oldie but goodies. From postcards to little doodles to drawing by my now 6 -year-old sister, these are all part of a collection. POSTCARD: COURTNEY REAGOR - ROOFIOS: doodle by a gal my boyfriend knows from back in MI. BLOSSOM TREE POLAROID: given to me by an ex-employer MARKER DRAWING: My littlest sister, Lucy. STICKERS: URBAN OUTFITTERS LOD (LEGION OF DUDES) DRAWING: Andre Findley - DUMBKIDS STICKERS - Tom Jenkins & Scott Wygmans NUMBERS PATCH: UNKNOWN - given to be at a Chrome party about a year .5 ago.

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  1. Just thought I'd mention that none of those stickers were drawn by Petra Cortright as Urban Outfitters, and she, claim. In fact they were outright stolen and sold to Urban Outfitters, who themselves are still deaf to the claims made by the original artists. :/